Dutchess County NY January home sales for single-family homes

Dutchess County NY January home sales

Analysis of Dutchess County NY January home sales

Dutchess County NY January home sales of single-family detached homes fell 22.9 percent, going from 240 in January 2021 to 185 this January.   Homes sold during the month ranged in price from  $90,000 to $ 3,150,000 built between 1800 and 2021 with square feet from 480 to 5,200.

There were nine transactions over a million dollars, with prices ranging from $1,025,000 to $3,150,000.

Dutchess County NY January home sales from 2012-2022

Average and Median Prices for Detached Homes in January 2022

At $474,185 the average sale price rose 0.5 percent when compared to $471,821 at the same time last year.

A  median price of $392,500 this January was up 8.7 percent over the same time last year when the median was


Average and median prices for Dutchess County in January

Inventory and Purchase Offers in January 2022

Inventory continues to decline, at 336 this January it was down 45.9 percent when compared to an inventory of 621 in January 2021.

Purchase offers decreased by 36.4 percent going from 250 in January 2021 to 159 this January.

The absorption rate (the time it would take to work off the present inventory)  was 1.81 months this January compared to 5 months last January.

January inventory in Dutchess

Days on Market during January 2022

Homes were on the market 85 days this January which was 13.3 percent more days when compared to 75 days in January 2021.

Days on market for detached homes during  January in Dutchess

Comparison Dutchess County Detached Home Sales  for January 2022 to 2021

Average Price$ 471,821$ 476,497$474,185
Median Price$ 361,250$ 400,000$392,500
Number of Sales240214185
Days on Market756885
Purchase offers250191169
Absorption Rate2.581.821.81

Sales of attached homes in January 2022

Dutchess County NY January homes sales for attached homes (Coops, Condos, and townhouses) fell 19.2 percent when compared to January 2021. At that time there were 52 sales versus 42 this January.  The units sold ranged from $ 103,000 to $960,000. 

 These units were built between 1900 and 2018 with square feet from 6442 to 3,141.

Dutchess County NY January home sales for attached homes

Median and Average Prices of Attached Homes in January

The attached homes average sale price of $302,626 fell 5.8 percent compared to the $321,203 recorded in January 2021. 

A median sale price of $261,250 was 1.1 percent higher than the median price of $258,500 last January. 

Inventory and Purchase offers for January 2022

Inventory at 61 fell 76.5 percent this January when compared to  260 for the same time last year.

Purchase offers at 42 this January was down 10.6  percent when compared to 47 offers recorded last January.

The absorption rate at 1.45 months was down from 5 months in January 2021  ( The time it would take to work off the present inventory).

Days on Market in January 2022 for attached homes

Days on market at 70 fell 23.1 percent when compared to 91 days last January.

Comparison Dutchess County Attached Home Sales  for January 2022 to 2021

Average Price$321,203$283,687$302,628
Median Price258,500$245,000$261,250
Number of Sales524542
Days on Market916970
Purchase offers472642
Absorption Rate51.361.45

** data used in this report was obtained from the Mid-Hudson MLS. Information Deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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