Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

To comply with New York State Real Property Law this SOP outlines what will be required of homebuyers when working with a Real Estate Broker, Associate Real Estate Broker, and Real Estate Salesperson.

JFIVE Homes Realty LLC Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Potential clients and customers are not required to provide identification *
  2. An Exclusive Broker Agreement is not required to secure services as a client or customer **
  3. A pre-approval or pre-qualification for a mortgage is not a prerequisite for JFIVE Homes Realty LLC to provide services. ***

*Although this is not a requirement by JFIVE Homes Realty LLC, a home seller could require identification.
** A Broker or agent will ask potential buyers if he or she is already working with an agent with such an agreement.
*** A home seller could request a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter prior to approving a showing appointment, or when an offer is made.