Tips for getting your car ready for commuting in the winter

Tips for getting your car ready for commuting in the winter

Commuting by car in the winter

Commuting by car in the winter in the Northeast

In the Northeast commuting by car in the winter can be challenging. It is therefore important to get your car in shape before winter is in full swing.

Getting your car fully tuned up is a must, and here are a few items to pay special attention to.

Tips for getting your car ready for commuting in the winter

  • You should have a strong battery to avoid breaking down.
  • Replace your wipers and replenish the wiper fluid. Some of the weather conditions you will confront are freezing rain, snow, and being splashed by a passing vehicle.
  • The tires should be in the best condition. Some motorists will opt for snow tires and some will not. No matter what your choice is, the tires should be correctly inflated.
  • Don’t forget about that spare tire in the trunk to avoid a surprise if there is an occasion it is needed.
  • During the tune-up, check the heating system. Can you imagine being stuck in traffic in a freezing car?
  • Most of all, keep your gas tank full or close to it since you could be caught in a traffic jam for hours due to inclement weather.
  • If you have an electric car make sure to fully charge it.
  • Keep your phone fully charged. Even with preparation something could go wrong and you will need to call for help for yourself or someone else.

Emergency items you should have in your car

Since the weather is more unpredictable in the winter it is important to have emergency items in your car.

  • Always keep in mind you could be held up in traffic since serious accidents are more frequent in the winter.
  • It would be helpful to have snacks and water available,
  • A blanket in case you break down, and a change of clothing including boots and socks.
  • Several ice scrapers
  • Some sand or kitty litter to provide traction if needed,
  • De-icer to open your locks
  • A first aid kit
  • A flashlight
  • Flares in case of a breakdown
  • Jumper cables or portable battery charger.

Preparation is key to having a better commuting experience during the winter.


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