The underground railroad in Lewiston NY with freedom so close

The underground railroad in Lewiston NY with freedom so close

underground railroad in Lewiston NY

The underground railroad’s last stop in Lewiston NY

About three years ago while visiting Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas I visited Lewiston and since I love taking photographs I was wandering around and suddenly I came across this depiction of the underground railroad. From that location, I could literally look across the river and see Canada where freedom was a possibility for slaves.

The imagination took over

With my vivid imagination, I closed my eyes and imagined worn-out slaves who had traveled a long way, and now looking across the Niagara River at Canada, could almost taste freedom.

View of Canada from Lewiston

I can just imagine how grateful they were for all the kindness they received along the way, and how much they would need the assistance of residents of Lewiston.

Yes, freedom was within their grasp however there were still challenges ahead. As slaves, these people were being hunted.

The crossing was perilous, and attempts could only be made in the dark since the hunters were watching. Some made the crossing but I am sure others were not that fortunate.

Historic Lewiston New York Freedom Crossing provides historical information if you want to learn more.

*****There was a large historical marker on the site

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