Scenes from the Mid-Hudson Valley ice storm in February

Scenes from the Mid-Hudson Valley ice storm in February

Mid-Hudson Valley ice storm 
A view from the office window at JFIVE Homes Realty LLC

Mid-Hudson ice storm beautiful yet perilous

February 2022 Mid-Hudson ice storm was both beautiful and perilous. Many were without power for days, and driveways were like skating rinks.

At the same time, if you were inside looking out, you would have observed some beautiful scenes. There were Icicles hanging from trees, which sparkled and changed colors with the sunlight.

 Mid-Hudson Valley ice storm

Not even an ice storm will stop real estate agents

With low inventory in the Mid-Hudson Valley when there is a new listing, nothing will stop agents from showing the home even in an ice storm. I was amazed properties were still being shown.

Frozen tress after February 2022 ice storm in the Hudson Valley

Working from home I was able to appreciate the various ice formations without having to face the perils of going outdoors.

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