Rhinebeck NY home sales in September 2022

Rhinebeck NY home sales in September 2022

Rhinebeck NY home sales in September 2022

Market update for Rhinebeck NY home sales in September 2022

Rhinebeck NY home sales in September 2022 at five was three less when compared to eight at the same time last year.  The sale price to list price was ninety-nine percent.

The homes sold ranged in price from $385,000to $1, 750,000.  Built between 1850 and 1998 with square feet ranging from 1,786 to 4,183.

Rhinebeck NY home Price in September 2022

The average sale price came in at $942,980 this September which was higher than the $789,750 at the same time last year.

This September the median sale price was $995,000 which was more than the $795,000 recorded in September 2021. 

Homes were on the market an average of 51 days before selling, which was less than the 64 days at the same last year,

Comparison September 2022/2021 Home Sales in Rhinebeck NY

Comparison2021 2022
Average List$778,375$955,800
Average Sold$789,750$942,980
Median List$797,000$915,000
Median Sold$ 795,000$995,000
Sales 85

Other Real Estate Activities During September 2022

Seven homes were added to the inventory, priced between $469,500 and $2,985,000, built between 1830 and 2006, with square feet from 1,232 to 5,222.

Six homes received offers, with prices ranging from $375,000 to $2,150,000. These homes were built between 1952 and 2018 with square feet from 1,481 to 3,238.

Breakdown of Real Estate in Rhinebeck NY – September 2022

Avg. List$1,288,917
Avg. DOM15
Avg. Sq. Ft.3,203
Avg $/Sq. Ft.$443
Avg. List$1,350,000
Avg. DOM1
Avg. Sq. Ft.2,765
Avg $/Sq. Ft.$488
Offer 3
Avg. List$519,333
Avg. DOM53
Avg. Sq. Ft.1872
Avg $/Sq. Ft.$277
Offer Cs3
Avg. List$1,301,333
Avg. DOM26
Avg. Sq. Ft.2,548
Avg $/Sq. Ft.$511

Sales Activities In September 2022

Average List$ 955,800
Avg. Sq. Ft3,150
Avg.$/ Sq. Ft$303
Avg. Sold$942,980
Avg. $/Sq. Ft$299

Location of Rhinebeck home sales in September 2022

Sepasco Beach Dr$ 385,000
Cove Rd$ 585,000
Buttonwood Ln$ 995,000
Ackert Hook$ 999,900
Cedar Heights$1,750,000

Market update for the Village of Rhinebeck NY home sales in            September 2022

During September 2022 in the Village of Rhinebeck NY two homes sold, and the sale price to list price came in at 111 percent.

Three homes from were added to the inventory ranging in price from $745,000 to $2,350,000, built between 1870 and 2003 with square feet between 2,300 and 3,380.

Comparison of September 2022/2021 Home Sales in Rhinebeck Village 

Comparison 20212022
Average List$430,000$659,000
Average Sold$430,000$732,500
Median List –
Median Sold –

Breakdown of Real Estate in Rhinebeck Village – September 2022

Avg. List$1,122,000
Avg. DOM10
Avg. Sq. Ft.2,558
Avg $/Sq. Ft$439
Avg. List$ 2,350,000
Avg. DOM2
Avg. Sq. Ft.3,380
Avg $/Sq. Ft.$695

Sales Activities In September 2022

Average List$ 659,000
Avg. Sq. Ft1,556
Avg.$/ Sq. Ft$424
Avg. Sold$732,500
Avg. $/Sq. Ft$471

Location of the Village of Rhinebeck  home sale in September 2022

Cramer Rd $615,000
W Chestnut $850,000

Recent real estate observations 

hirty-year mortgage rates at the time of writing this report were up over seven percent compared to less than half that earlier in the year,  This has resulted in some potential home buyers being priced out of the housing market.  Those who can still make a purchase are doing so at a much higher cost.

More sellers are making reductions in their list price to get a  faster sale.

It is a better strategy to price a home a bit lower to attract more interest. Doing this could lead to more offers and a higher price. Pricing higher could make it necessary to reduce the price one or more times before getting an accepted offer.

Finding affordable housing or rental is still a challenge.

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