Rhinebeck NY home sales fell in April 2022

Rhinebeck NY home sales fell in April 2022

A look at Rhinebeck NY April 2022 home sales

Rhinebeck NY April 2022 home sales at three was three less than the sales recorded in April 2021.  The sale price to list price came in at 97 percent with one house selling above the list price.

The homes sold ranged in price from $220,000 to $ 600,000. These two-and-three-bedroom homes  were built between 1904 and 1984 with square feet from 1,060 to 3,024

Home prices during April 2022

The average sale price came in at $376,000 this April which was lower than the                               $531,167 for the same time last year. 

This April the median sale price was $308,000 compared to $531,500 in April 2021. 

Homes were on the market an average of 32 days before selling, fewer than 61 days at the same time last year.

Comparison of April 2022/2021 home sales in Rhinebeck

Average List$557,133$386,667
Average Sold$531,167$376,000
Median List$562,450$295,000
Median Sold$531,500$308,000

Other Real Estate Activities During April 2022

Three homes were added to the inventory, these ranged in price from $689,900  to $1,195,000 Built between 1890 and 1985, the homes had square feet from 2,348 to 3,000

One home received an offer. It was priced at $795,000 with square feet of 1,748 and was built in 1968.

Two homes went under contract. One priced at $925,000, built in 2015 with square feet of  3,535. The other was built in 1980 with square feet of 2,900 it was priced at $1,650,000.

Avg. List$861,600
Avg. DOM15
Avg. Sq. Ft.2603
Avg $/Sq. Ft$331
Avg. List$795,000
Avg. DOM12
Avg. Sq. Ft.1748
Avg $/Sq. Ft$455
Avg. List $1,287,500
Avg. DOM141
Avg. Sq. Ft.3,218
Avg $/Sq. Ft$400

Sales Activities In April 2022

Average List$386,667
Avg. Sq. Ft1,896
Avg.$/ Sq. Ft$204
Avg. Sold$1,376,000
Avg. $/Sq. Ft$198

Location of Rhinebeck home sales in April 2022

Location Price
Overlook Dr.$308,000
Burger Rd$600,000

The Village of Rhinebeck NY April 2022 home sales

In the Village of Rhinebeck NY during April 2022 no sales were recorded of homes listed on the Mid-Hudson MLS.

Two homes were added to the inventory, a  4-bedroom home from 1853 with 2,150 square feet and priced at $950,000.  The other is a home from 1920 priced at $1,595,000.

There was one house from 1963 with an offer, it had square feet of 1470 and was priced at  $389,000

Comparison of April 2022/2021 Home Sales in Rhinebeck Village 

Average List$851,333$-
Average Sold$808,333$-
Median List$ 995,000 $-
Median Sold$ 880,000 $-

Village of Rhinebeck NY Real Estate Activities April 2022

Active Listing2
Avg. List$1,272,500
Avg. DOM17
Avg. Sq. Ft.2,150
Avg $/Sq. Ft$442
Avg. List$389,000
Avg. DOM41
Avg. Sq. Ft.1,470
Avg $/Sq. Ft$265

Is now a good time to sell your home?

Higher mortgage rates coupled with higher home prices will weaken buyers’ purchasing power.

Inflation will also have an impact on the housing market.

If you are thinking of selling doing so sooner than later would be a good move.

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