January 2023 home sales in Red Hook NY

January 2023 home sales in Red Hook NY

Red Hook NY January 2023 home sales

The Red Hook NY home sales in January 2023 report showed seven single-family homes sold, three more than in January 2022.   The Sale Price to the List Price came in at ninety-two percent

Homes sold this January ranged in price from $287,600 to $920,000 built between 1900 and 2018 with square feet from 891 to 4,350.

Average and median sale price in January 2023

 The average sale price in January was $517,586 which was less than the $1,068,100 recorded for the same time last year.   

A median sale price of $455,000 was recorded this January compared to $390.200 for January 2022.

Comparison of January 2023/2022 home sales

Average List$766,975$561,143
Average Sold$1,068,100$517,583
Median List$366,500$499,000
Median Sold$390,200$455,00

Other market activities in January 2023

Four homes were added to the inventory, ranging in price from $149,999 to $839,000.  These homes were built between 1950 and 2023 with square feet from 1,284 and 2,300.

Two homes received offers, one priced at $195,000, built in 1958 with square feet of 1,075. The other built in 1999 with square feet of 3,120 and priced at $2,496,000.

Contracts were written on two homes, one priced at $199,000, built in 1810 with square feet of 2,336. The other built in 2020 with square feet of 1,844 and priced at $869,900.

Average List$528,000
Average DOM17
Average Sq Ft1,861
Average $/Sq. Ft$284
Average List$455,000
Average DOM1
Average Sq Ft1,832
Average $/Sq. Ft$248
Offer 1
Average List$195,000
Average DOM47
Average Sq Ft1,075
Average $/Sq. Ft$181
Offer CS1
Average List$2,495,000
Average DOM98
Average Sq Ft3,120
Average $/Sq. Ft$800
Average List$534,450
Average DOM129
Average Sq Ft2,090
Average $/Sq. Ft$256

Home Sales in the Town of Red Hook in January 2023 

Average List $ 541,143
Average Sq Ft2,185
Average $/Sq Ft$257
Average Sold$ 517,586
Average $/Sq Ft $237
W Kerley Corners$ 287,600
Route 9 G$310,000
Echo Valley$430,000
Elm$ 455,000
Deer Run Rd$710,000

The Village of Red Hook NY Home Sales In January 2023

In the village, there were no sales in January 2023,  however, in January 2022 there were two sales.

Comparison of January 2023/2022 Home Sales in the Village

Average List$499,000$ –
Average Sold$502,500$ –
Median List$-$-
Median Sold$-$-

January 2023 Offer in the Village

Offer CS2023
Average List$349,000
Average DOM84
Average Sq Ft$1015
Average $/Sq Ft$344

Red Hook home sales in 2022

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****Date used in this report was obtained from the Mid Hudson MLS

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