A Fern Garden could be a solution to a gardening problem

A Fern Garden could be a solution to a gardening problem

Fern garden
Photo of ferns at sunset

A fern garden was a great solution to a gardening problem. In the front yard, there were several cedar trees and I could not get grass to grow.

Ferns turned out to be a great choice, low maintenance, and deer resistant, both important features to gardeners in the Mid Hudson Valley.

Ostrich Ferns in a fern garden

In my garden, there are three types of Ferns. The one featured in the photo above is an Ostrich Fern with upright Fronds, and before reaching the full-grown stage it starts out with Fiddleheads which then unfurl. In a very short time, you will have a full garden since ferns multiply.

Japanese Painted Ferns

Japanese Painted fern

The Japanese Painted Fern with multi-tone fronds provides a great contrast to the other all-green ferns. This fern instead of standing upright tend to spread out and is much closer to the ground than the Ostrich fern.

Sensitive Ferns

The Sensitive Fern is a native plant with coarse leaves it grows well in wetland areas, but also thrives in moist soil in a shaded area.

Besides these three ferns, there are still others to choose from, you can check with the local garden centers.

In my May newsletter, you will find the top low-maintenance perennials to brighten up your yard.

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