14 Tips to improve curb appeal before listing your home for sale.

14 Tips to improve curb appeal before listing your home for sale.

Addressing curb appeal before listing your home for sale = flowers

How to achieve curb appeal before listing your home for sale

As Spring approaches, it will be necessary to do some cleanup to improve curb appeal before listing your home for sale.

Here are 14 items that you should consider addressing which will make a difference in how potential homebuyers see your property.

  1. Remove broken branches, fallen trees, and leftover leaves especially if you have oak trees that hold on to some leaves and shed them in the Spring.
  2. The lawn will need attention, maybe there are patches that need reseeding, or crabgrass to be removed.
  3. Clean up the garden beds and put some thought as to how to make the garden colorful and with blooms all season; a mixture of perennials and annuals make sense.
  4. Replace broken pavers and stones on the walkway, also get rid of weeds between pavers.
  5. After the winter season it is most likely that you will need to power wash the siding.  If the siding is wood signs of peeling paint will indicate a paint job is necessary.
  6. Clean the gutters.  Gutters with saplings are an indication of poor maintenance and could give a potential buyer pause.
  7.  If you use your porch for storage, when selling your home you need to clear the area.
  8. Your door might need attention, maybe cleaning and painting and new knobs, or a complete replacement
  9. Make sure your windows are clean.
  10. Clean the garage doors, if necessary, replace them.
  11. Showing homes, I sometimes come across a property with old appliances, cars, and other junk in the yard.  Look around and remove any such items.
  12. Take a look at the deck if repair is needed address it, this is not just for curb appeal but a safety issue
  13. Always pick up after your pets, a potential home buyer does not want to be distracted by having to watch his or her steps constantly.
  14. If you have a pool, make sure it is well maintained.   If the pool is not useable you might have to remove it or expect some negotiation around it.

All fourteen tips might not apply to your situation; however, it gives you an idea of what you can do to improve curb appeal before listing your home for sale.

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