Woodstock Commons a new kind of Affordable Housing

Woodstock Commons an intergenerational Campus


Back on May 3rd I attended the ribbon cutting for the Woodstock Commons, a new kind of affordable housing located in Woodstock NY.  This was a project that took ten years since not everyone was in favor of it.  The Woodstock Common is an integeneration campus with 53 units housing working families, seniors and artists.

Woodstock Commons a new kind of Affordable Housing

How affordable is the Woodstock Commons?

In the Ulster County the fair market value for a 2 bedroom rental is $1200.  At  Woodstock Commons, the rental rates are , $775,$655 and $330 for seniors, which is very affordable.

Campus at woodstock Commons







Woodstock Commons consist of Green Buildings

One saying I heard at the ribbon cutting was ” quality homes should not be limited just to the wealthy”.  This sentiment was kept in mind during the  planning and construction of the 53 units.  Heating and cooling was achieved through a geothermal system.   The homes were built to be energy efficient and are eligible for certifcation by NY Energy StarProgam as well as 2  LEED programs.

There are also recreational trails to encourage outdoor activities.   The campus is on a 28 acre parcel and 18 acres are protected by forever wild conservation easement.

Woodstook Commons senior walk

More Photos of Woodstoock Commons

There are 4 units in each building.  This type of campus style living is so much more appealing than the traditional affordable housing structures.

Woodstock Commons Structure

Woodstock Commons

Participants in the Woodstock Commons Project and Ribbon cutting

There were many participants in the Woodstock Commons projects. Unfortunately, some of the participants passed away before the project was completed and one name that comes to mind is Leslie Adler who worked for HCR (NY Homes and Community Renewal).  The main street into the campus was named for her.

Major Participants

  • Woodstock Affordable Housing Committee
  • RUPCO (Rural Ulster Preservation Company)
  • HCR (NY Homes and Commuity Renewal)
  • Neighborhood Works America
  • CPC Community Preservation Corpoaration
  • Lenders
  • Funders
  • All those who supported financially or with their time.

Ribbon Cutting

Woodstock Commons ribbon Cutting

May 3rd was such an exciting day for  everyone involved in the project.  There was a large turnout and it was nice to hear from some of the residents about how much they appreciated their new home.

Woodstock Commons a project to be imitated

I truly believe Woodstock Commons has  set a new bar as to how affordable housing planning and construction should be implemented and any local town considering such a project would benefit from a visit to this campus.




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