What is a bedroom? It should be more than about a closet

A bedroom should be more than about a closet

Over the years I have dealt with home sellers who count the number of bedrooms based on a closet in the space.

So should a room be classified as a bedroom because it has a closet but is not big enough for a regular size bed?

How do buyers react when they see a room like this?

What is a bedroom? It should be more than about a closet

Here are my observations.

For a room to be classified as a bedroom it should be large enough to fit a bed and other furniture; having a closet is not a sufficient criteria.  Actually, it could be a bedroom without a built in closet.  A  bedroom should also be private and have ways to escape for example in the case of a fire; a full window would meet such a requirement.

I know home buyers feel the same way because on occasions when I have run into such a situation the buyers where always annoyed. I would get questions such as;  where is the 4th bedroom?…. you’ve got to be kidding?… that is a bedroom?  I couldn’t fit a full size bed in it.

When a  buyer starts going down this road, other things are then questioned.   Not to mention that the  buyers are annoyed  that their time was  wasted.

Could such a bedroom count affect the sale of your home?

Yes it could, since you might be marketing to the wrong pool of clients, and doing this will be a reason your home will stay on the market longer.

Since most of the homes in our area use a septic system, you can know how many bedrooms are approved for your home by the Board of Health Approval.

So, if you are selling,  stick with the facts as to how many bedrooms are in the house.


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