How much snow will we get tomorrow?

How much snow will we get tomorrow in Upstate NY?

According to the weather predictions we should be getting  a lot of snow over the weekend.  Okay I am still hoping things will shift, and Upstate NY won’t get hit.  I know to refrain from wishful thinking, so I am making all the plans for a big storm.

It seem too soon for this kind of weather, something that is more typical of mid January, then again winter is an unpredictable season. So how much snow will we get tomorrow in Upstate NY?  The answer my friend will be known on Sunday.


How much snow will we get tomorrow?


If we do get hit make the best of things and stay safe.

If your home is presently on the market and you plan to allow showings after the storm, here are 5 safety tips  to keep in mind.


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