What is my home worth now?

What is my home worth now? Is a question many homeowners want to know.


You are doing the right thing by asking a real estate professional to provide you with your home value.  Many times there is a big difference in what we think our home is worth, and what the market say it is.  You might have gone online and viewed valuation of your home, however these sites do not know the local market and is often wrong.

What is my home worth?






JFIVE Homes Realty LLC will be more than happy to help you discover your home value.  A comparative market analysis will be prepared for you, using data from the multiple listing services of homes presently on the market, in contract,sold  and the ones that failed to sell, as well as private sales when the data is available. Yes the value of your home will be determined by real data, not what you think it is worth, what your neighbor or family feel it should be worth, what the neighbor’s house sold for, or the amount of money you need to get from the sale.

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