Home Sellers in today’s market

The market for home sellers have gotten better in the Mid Hudson Valley.   It is not unusual for some homes to get multiple offers , even then, you could get more for your home if  steps  are taken to properly prepare it for sale.

Home Seelers want to know What is my home worth

Today’s buyers are not looking for projects, they want a home ready to move into.  Upgrading a kitchen or bathroom can make a big difference.

Home Sellers tips to preparing for selling

Home Selling

How to approach selling your home

Maybe you have thought about going it alone,  however to gain a competitive edge use an expert in the area of marketing to get your home sold.

Yes there are many steps to the home selling process.

First get a comparative market analysis or two, this will compare your homes to ones sold, active, or  those that failed to sell.    As a home seller pricing your home correctly is key to getting it sold in this market.

Make sure the agent you choose will offer more services than just putting it on the MLS and installing a yard sign.  Today’s consumer is all over the Internet so you need your listing showing up everywhere including social media and in videos.

It is also important to produce information for the users of smart phones since many are now using their phones for home search.

 JFIVE Home Realty LLC assist Home Sellers

When you ask us to be a partner with you in the sale of your house,  we will consult with you to see what your goals are, this can help determine how aggressively the house will be priced at.  Our aim is to get your home sold quickly for the most money.

  • We will take a look at your home to determine what you could do to make the home more appealing and improve the curb appeal.
  • Explain what  documentation you should gather.
  • Provide you with a market analysis
  • Discuss with you the importance of pricing right from the start
  • Marketing
  • Appointments and how you can help to making the showing experience better
  • How and when we will communicate during the process and much more.

So if you are thinking of selling your home please call, text or email me a tech savvy agent.   Contact JFive Homes Realty LLC  for your real estate needs in Upstate New York.   We look forward to helping you sell your home and finding you a new one.

Tips on preparing your home for sale

  1. What can I do now to get my home ready for sale?
  2.  Interior repairs
  3. Preparing your home for sale – Cleaning and Painting
  4.  Home selling-preparing for showing