Hudson NY

Hudson NY a popular Upstate NY City with Amtrak Station

The City of Hudson NY is located in Columbia County north of Germantown.  According to the 2010 census  Hudson New York has a population of about 6,713 which is actually a 10.8 percent decline from the population recorded during the 2000 census.  Hudson occupies only 2.16 square miles of space.

Hudson NY

You might be thinking Hudson is declining with the drop in population, to the contrary the city is thriving; businesses have been moving in, fine art galleries and antique dealers are making it the antique capital north of Manhattan.  Also, every time you turn around there are new restaurants opening.  This is truly and exciting Upstate NY Community

If you  visit Hudson you will be instantly impressed with  the historic architectural detail of many of its buildings.  Hudson, NY did a great job in preserving the past.  This city has now been discovered by many from New York City.  Warren Street, the main street, has been revitalized and many are now buying up Hudson real estate properties on other streets, such as, nearby State street and are now busy restoring many of these fine old buildings.

There are many other features that make this city attractive: you can get access to the city by Amtrak which is  very appealing  to many coming from NYC.  Also, Hudson is one of a few Upstate cities where weekenders will find attractive choices for nightlife, a thriving music scene and cultural venues including an Opera House. There is a ferry service which connects Hudson to the City of Athens in Greene County.  Hudson and  Athens are two cities with water front access.  Once again the Hudson River proves to be an asset to these Hudson Valley communities.

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