Antique homes on Old Post Road North in Upper Red Hook NY

Old Post Road North was a significant route before it was replaced by what is now known as Route 9. Many historical events I am sure occurred along this route. As the story goes, George Washington slept at the Historic Thomas House on nearby Spring Lake Road.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that that many antique homes are found on Old Post Road North in Upper Red Hook NY. Most of these homes were built between 1820-1890 and are labeled Old Style although you can easily spot some Eyebrow Colonials. Some of these homes even enjoy views of the Catskill Mountains

Old Post Road North was once a vibrant community with a grocery store, meat shop, bakery and much more. Now it is just a quiet residential street where the antique homes are eye candy from another period in history.

The Antique homes on Old Post Road North in Upper Red Hook NY are by no means isolated, you could walk to a deli, Gigi Market, or, go berry picking at the Greig Farm.

This community is also served by the Red Hook Central School District. Bard College and the Fisher Center are less than 10 minutes away.

What is the real estate market like on Old Post Road N in Upper Red Hook NY?

So far this year one house sold, a colonial built in 1820 and was sold for $310,000. There is an 1880 Colonial on the market for $279,000. This area is popular with many looking for an antique home.

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